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Dog Bless

by Gulfer

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Secret Stuff 02:40
I'm not going out, I'm staying right here in my basement I'm just gonna chill and later write a song about it I just like the fact that I'm getting older everyday I, sometimes I hate myself for saying shit like this Jumping out the window Building your own skyscapers With broken peices of lego It's just like my house but way bigger, better! Somewhere not aware of problems people have Some of us dont care when the hours dont pass by Thought youd be the one, noticing a steady season I'd be the one to say forget, formal frames stop in motion Some say secret stuff, we'll keep in touch I won't let you go nowhere, I'll stay the same old man I'm not going out, in staying right here in my basement I'm just gonna chill and later write a song about it
Doglife 03:45
it seems like a lifetime seems like a dog life a fortune is what you sounded like A fortune is what you’re really like it seems like a lifetime it seems like a dog life A fortune is what you’re in my mind a fortune is what you sounded like Unfortunately I took too long to find out I can’t forget just how yr skin is delicate I can’t forget how good yr skin really tastes I keep forgetting what my dreams with you felt like I keep forgetting what it's like with you all night
Fading 02:35 video
A faded heart The slowest dance I dropped a ten That no one picked up I'm getting out I'm drying out I'm stuck in the house, im always high, the bottom line is amaze me again Remembering fading My shaking limbs I'm lying outside I'm hanging all alone Feels like the first time Feels like forever is so long I swear i couldn't care less even now I mostly waited sick, hating everything Started to cool down, feeling to unimpressed by this whole world I caught a stranger running freely, and all i could think was... Whatever it takes to be alive Remembering fading My shaking limbs I'm lying outside Whatever it takes to be alive
Baseball 02:58 video
Do you go to baseball Do you water yr lawn like the rain's just fiction Do you drive around  so fast like you follow something invisible Ill be honest I get scared in crowds  Im as weak as shit I’m terrified by the smartest ones of you guys I hate santa claus and christmas tales And everyone's pressured to buy a watch and watch the time go When the sun dont shine we call it a night  When it rises up we better make it roll and get something done Id like to see you run like yr life was depending on this  when you think your life s not worth the pause  When a sentence ends you better stop to breath When a horse falls down who’s in charge to lead What does life promotes What does freedom holds Id like to see it all go down Id like to see it all go down Do you wear… Do you wear a ring? It doesnt mean a thing to him I still kissed you in my car You were wearing your wedding gown you know how this one… goes
Be Father 03:17
Every time like old stretched days. pre-ordered as failure types. Hallowed lights on our bruise's traces. Second scene to the movie's ending, covered dots you see morning dark ages. Covered dots you see morning dark ages. I'll never could get you to everyone else. Be father as stains stock on holy shoulders. Assignation as the name you gave it, we hate it At least you kept us alive, in a way you liked it Leaks like angels born on sinking ships, we won't, we wont but I'd like to say that you're wrong on things like piling out the hours piling out the hours to feel wheels.
Babyshoe 03:28
I should have stayed cause I couldn't find my way through the fog didn't waste much time, it would have kept us up it's so fucked that a few hours were enough to sort it out for us sat outside and smoked your second cigarette It's not that bad, can you believe that? It's so fucked, never been sure enough to sort it out for us Spent four years forgetting every lesson I learned I'm getting tired of starting over and over and over I'm recollecting the time where I Spent memorizing every line
Judy Froster 02:18
I could have seen it coming the way things stretched like cotton stretched Every details stressed, every motions felt so disconnected We painted pictures of us, so bright with fearless esteathic We passed the time like we can with nothing in common we kept it down to one sound we kept it down for everyone we kept it down and got annoyed we got annoyed by everyone we got annoyed by everyone
Florida 02:26
I tried to contain myself so I don’t find the content aback I tried to avoid re-create all the stupid superstitions I’ve had I’ve got the easiest verb with meanings too long and reflections of topics It’s all meaningless topics, Its all meaningless topics I sometimes recall that one gives a shit
you rot inside yourself again we know your digging your own grave people chasing other people's face They cant contain what cant be changed never looking back see the coming waves never looking up so much has been changed since let's sway together all of these moments and perched the feeling of comprehension we’ll fight to keep every light switched on and scope the sky for brighter exceptions white forest dry out these dark circles around my eyes


released March 2, 2018


all rights reserved



Gulfer Montréal, Québec

Topshelf Records + Royal Mountain Records


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